How vegan education will make Sweden and the world go vegan

Educate others to go vegan. It results in fewer animals being exploited, and that we are getting this world to go vegan – one person at a time. If everyone is completely dedicated to vegan education, then each person will each year inspire many people to go and live vegan. Vegan education encompasses all animals – you show why it is wrong to exploit any and every animal. A person won’t be able to understand why it is wrong to exploit and use animals in all of its various forms until he/she stops participating in the exploitation of all animal 3 times per day at every meal. Thus a good form of vegan activism is to make people understand why it is morally wrong to consume animal foods. This is a good approach to accomplish this:

Read more about this here: The Logic of a Vegan diet:

Let us say that 125 people in Sweden take it seriously to educate others about veganism. To take this seriously means that you fight against all exploitation and use of animals as if you yourself were the victim of the exploitation. Taking it seriously means that you educate your friends, acquaintances, people you meet in the stores and on the street. You take it seriously by handing out fliers in mailboxes, putting up fliers on bulletin boards and by doing vegan stalls on streets, markets, etc. Let us say that each of these persons manage to inspire 5 persons to go vegan every year. This wouldn’t be any problem. There are many people who have went vegan because the advocacy of the people involved in grass root activism of e.g. Abolitionist Vegan Society and other Abolitionist Vegan advocacy. There are many people that are caring. But probably all of these people who go vegan due to our effort won’t be as engaged in educating others about veganism. But we can assume that on average there will be at least 1 new vegan per person as a result of their vegan advocacy – probably more than this. Some persons will educate many other people to go vegan, etc., and some people might be all quiet and won’t affect anyone to go vegan.


With this calculation I want to show how veganism can spread in Sweden (and this calculation is applicable to any state and country): Year 1: 125 people; Year 2: 250; Year 3: 500; Year 4: 1000; Year 5: 2000; Year 6: 4000; Year 7: 8000; Year 8: 16000; Year 9: 32000; Year 10: 64000; Year 11: 128000; Year 12: 256000; Year 13: 512 000; Year 14: 1 024 000; Year 15: 2 056 000; Year 16: 4 128 000; Year 17: 8 256 0000.

By year 17, if not before this, we will have a vegan majority in Sweden and can make vegan laws that prohibit the exploitation of all animals!

” Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.”

This is very, very simple. But despite how simple this is big animal organizations are focused on single issue campaigns, such as anti-fur campaigns, and/or they have a strong focus on animal protection/”how animals are treated”. That is, they are focusing on campaigns that are sending either an explicit or an implicit speciesist message instead of a vegan message. Speciesist campaigns are the opposite to vegan campaigns, and they also have the opposite effect. Vegan campaigns create vegans. Speciesist campaigns create speciesists.

More about the moral problem of single issue campaigns:
More about the problems with promoting Animal Welfare laws, etc.:

Learn more here: Abolitionist veganism – articles, arguments and refutations of objections


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